Use better & less electrical energy

Saving Energy

The DINA Timer Clock module is a CLEVER Electric solution tailored to your energy-saving needs. It allows you to intelligently and easily program and reprogram your equipment to start and shut down according to a specific time of the week, thanks to a management platform accessible on your smartphone via a local wireless connection (WIFI) and without internet.

It also allows you to remotely start and stop your equipment within a radius of 100 meters with your phone. In addition to this, it has two independent outputs with a capacity of 4600 W (20A - 230V) each, it can thus be combined with a contactor to control larger powers.

Energy Management

Thanks to our LSIM-Power T60 communication network analyzer capable of calculating and recording up to 45 parameters of electrical energy per minute, we make meticulous diagnoses of our customers' electricity consumption. This is in order to more precisely identify the key points of optimization of the electricity bill and the quality of energy supplied to electrical equipment and machinery.

Each LSIM-Power T60 analyzer has a reading capacity of 66 kVA, allowing a multi-sector diagnosis of gridded electricity consumption by activity area. This type of diagnosis allows our customers not only to control the movements of electrical energy in their network, but also to identify anomalies and potential energy savings by area of activity.

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